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bjs1985 asked: Hi, I'm just getting interested in the hobby and have had a play with a cheap detector. But figure what's the point when you can miss so much with a cheapo. I'm interested in building one from the surf pi 1.2 kit which seems to have good reviews. Any info or knowledge you can share would be appreciated .. Brody

To be honest, each metal detector has its own good and bad points and if your are serious about the hobby, there is no point in going for a cheap machine, as you mention.

If I had to point you in the right direction I would look at Minelab machine every day of the week. IT WILL PAY FOR ITSELF… Take a look at this beauty. .  Victorian gold ring found while beach metal detecting

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bigersdickers asked: Well done. I have just started detecting. Only found trash. Do you know of any good beaches in Kent

Sorry, don’t know the Kent area, but to be honest, ANY well used beach will hold finds. Look for the low areas on the beach, but take a look at my other blog for beach metal detecting tips and catch up on Facebook over on my Metal detecting Facebook page